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breaking the language barrier

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Connecting European media,
breaking the language barrier

A selection of the stories that tell our continent, in your language


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TikTok Populism: Standard Time talk show S1E21
Over half of the #EU’s #youth rely on social media for information, which makes them susceptible to #digital #propaganda. With the upcoming #EP #elections, who has the most #influence on #voters? SUBSCRIBE for more! 😉 If you like what you see...
Not At All A thing Of The Past | Standard Time Talk Show
An outburst of syphilis is sweeping across Europe, and new HIV infections are also steadily rising. More than 1 million new STD infections are acquired every day worldwide. And yet, the public discourse seems to view sexually transmitted infection...
Yes to abortion, no to Depardieu. Law versus practice
What is the current state of abortion rights in Europe? In her monthly press review in partnership with Display Europe, Francesca Barca takes a closer look. Articles used in this video:
Spain: can switching from planes to trains save the environment?
Although commercial aviation has historically been attributed to only 2% of the global climate bill, the European Commission recognized in 2021 that this contribution is three times higher: 5.9% of all carbon emissions are due to commercial air tr...
Landfills on sale: Standard Time talk show S1E19
#thrifting and #upcycling are becoming more #trendy amongst #fashion lovers. Are we finally heading towards more conscious consumption? It doesn’t seem like it! If you like what you see, pls support us at Sources and rela...
Metropolis - Working across the Austrian-Hungarian border
Report by Bálint Bardi, correspondent for Hungary - edit by Jet van Fessem There is a long conflict between two neighboring villages on the two sides of the Austrian-Hungarian border: Ágfalva on the Hungarian side and Schattendorf in Austria. ...
Paris 2024, the people’s olympics?
Initially dubbed the 'People's Olympics', this summer's Olympic Games in Paris are all about business and widespread social violence, Francesca Barca explains in her press review in partnership with Display Europe. Articles used in this video:...
My Laws Rule: An Exclusive Interview with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán
#SchumanShow Have you ever wondered what thoughts go through Viktor Orbán's head when he makes decisions? Kelly sits down for an ... enlightening ... conversation with the infamous Hungarian Prime Minister. Ah, Viktor Mihály Orbán. Lawyer,...
RESISTENCIA VECINAL frente al alquiler TURÍSTICO en BARCELONA: el caso de Casa Orsola [REPORTAJE]
🔗 Lee más aquí: Si hay una finca que simbolice la resistencia vecinal contra la especulación con la vivienda y la gentrificación, esta es la Casa Orsola, un edificio modernista en el barrio del Eixample cuya pr...
Display Europe Consortium Partners
Display Europe is in the process of transforming into a cooperative, embracing a cooperative model recognized for its dedication to members and sustainable value creation within the platform. Unlike traditional venture capital-funded platforms, co...
Display Europe promo video with subtitles
Good news! As the European Cultural Foundation, we are happy to announce the launch of Display Europe. This groundbreaking media platform offers a European perspective through original and federated content provided by independent media from acros...
Unpacking the farmers’ protests, and the fight for the future of food in Europe
In her monthly press review, Emanuela Barbiroglio focuses on the farmers' protests and their place in public opinion, in partnership with Display Europe. Articles used in this video:!5994514/...

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