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Germany after the European elections: the Right won the hearts of the young (with Gigi D’Agostino on the lips)

In Germany, according to exit polls after the Europarliamentary elections in the 16-30 age group, the AfD wins ex aequo with the CDU with 17 percent.
Krytyka Polityczna

“Foreigners away!” – sings a smiling young blonde to the chorus of the song L’amour toujours Gigi D’Agostino. She records herself with her phone; a crowd of dancing people can be seen in the background. The girl turns the camera around; a boy in a white shirt appears in the frame. He roars: “Germany for the Germans!” while waving a glass of pink wine. Another guy, about thirty years old max, performs a Roman salute, a silver watch shines on his wrist. He puts the fingers of his other hand to his lips, as if imitating Hitler’s mustache.

The video, which has gone viral in Germany, was made at the Pony Club on Sylt. It is a German island in the North Sea, frequented by the German upper class during the vacation season. According to Bild, tickets for the controversial event, which was to be held on Pentecost, cost 150 euros excluding drinks.

The 2001 Eurodance hit has been doing the job of being the anthem of German neo-Nazis for some time now. Last fall, another video circulated on the German Internet – “Germany for the Germans” accompanied by Gigi’s song was sung by a group of men at a harvest festival in one of the municipalities of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Similar incidents have occurred, among others. at a shooting festival in Lower Saxony, a rural disco in Hesse and a boarding school in Schleswig-Holstein.

However, it wasn’t until the event on the island of Sylt that the German public was shocked. Such scenes at a village disco or harvest festival, especially in East Germany, did not impress anyone. German elites have only been shocked by young people who look like their own children.

Kaja Puto

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