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Display Europe Cooperative

2nd General Assembly

June 4th 2024, 15.00 CET

@ Asociacion Espacio Afro Conciencia / C. de Cáceres, 49, Arganzuela, 28045 Madrid, Spain


  1. Determination that the meeting was duly convened, determination of the quorum
  2. Introduction of Rückenwind, voting procedure
  3. Approval of the Rules of Procedure of the Supervisory Board
  4. Amendment to the Statute
    §1(1) The name of the cooperative is: Display Europe eG [Note: The change from wasn’t accurate]
    §22 Approval of the Supervisory Board for management measures
    1. businesses of an amount of 50,000 euros or
      more, unless the transaction has already been
      approved elsewhere (e.g. investment plan,
      annual business plan);
    2. the annual business plan, which includes an
      assessment of the previous business plan,
      the current business situation and a plan
      for the following business year and
      further development.
  5. Determination of Membership Fees
  6. Report of the Managing Director, Outlook incl Membership Campaign and Business Plan
  7. Report of the Supervisory Board
  8. Miscellaneous


In case of the General Assembly not being quorate, it will be entitled to decide on all items of the agenda without regard to the number of members present or represented after waiting half an hour (§ 34 para.4).

Display Europe is in the process of transforming into a cooperative, embracing a cooperative model recognized for its dedication to members and sustainable value creation within the platform. Unlike traditional venture capital-funded platforms, cooperatives prioritize the interests of their members and reinvest jointly created value into the platform, fostering a business strategy that upholds the platform’s service quality without excessive commercialization.

If you share our vision and wish to become a member of this exciting venture, we invite you to reach out to

Key objectives:

  • Fostering a European Digital Public Space: Centered around civil society, we aim to cultivate a platform dedicated to the common good.
  • Advancing Communication and Journalism: Supporting initiatives that prioritize the collective interest and encourage open dialogue.


  • Establishment and operation of a European multi-lingual media portal/platform, focusing on pan-European, civil society content.
  • Supporting the establishment of a European network of media platforms.
  • Promoting sustainable technological open-source development and maintenance.
  • Creating a nurturing environment for developers and journalists.
  • Developing sustainable financing models, including subscription options and syndication.


  • Sustainability: Ensuring long-term viability and stability.
  • Limiting Liability and Risk Sharing: Safeguarding stakeholder’s interests.
  • Equity Capital Generation: Encouraging financial support from members.
  • Diverse Civil Society Sponsorship: Enabling a broad spectrum of support.
  • Democratic Platform Governance: Involving members in decision-making processes.
  • Long-term Development Perspective: Engaging stakeholders for enduring growth.


  • Founding Assembly took place on October 9th, 2023; the seat is in Vienna/Austria.
  • Founding Entity Members: European Cultural Foundation, CMFE – Community Media Forum Europe, Cultural Broadcasting Archive, Eurozine, fairkom, Krytyka Polityczna, Voxeurop
  • New Member Onboarding: Expected in spring 2024

We extend our invitation to individuals and organizations aligning with our vision to come together, join hands, and create a transformative cooperative that redefines the European media landscape. Together, let’s build a platform that embodies collaboration, innovation, and the collective pursuit of a digital public space for all.

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