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The ways we love TEASER: Standard Time talk show
From sparkly consesual group hugs to dating apps to incels: the #valentinesday episode of #StandardTime adresses how love changes people and how people change love. Premiering 14th February at 7 PM CET.
Financing journalism: Standard Time talk show S1E9
Why we need to pay for content now, even though it’s more available than ever before? It almost seems like we are re-learning the well-rehearsed old practice of the 20th century. Before the major boom of the internet, people used to pay for th...
The Schuman Files: The Meat Lobby | What impact does Farm to Fork have on agriculture?
#TheSchumanFiles “Big Agriculture” is once again fighting the EU’s new sustainable farming policies. We took a look at what their beef actually is, and ask: are they really acting in farmers’ interests? Our very first Schuman File is on the m...
Metropolis - Spain dealing with drought
Report by Stef and Camilo, Metropolis correspondents in Spain, edit by Jet van Fessem Andalusia, in the south of Spain, is one of the warmest areas of Europe. Last summer there was a big drought. Temperatures rose above 46 degrees Celsius and t...
Can we decommercialize housing?
European cities are a hotbed of real estate speculation and affordable housing is growing out of reach. Millennials and younger will not only not own homes, but are losing their grip on renting. Guests: Elke Rauth is the editor of the urbanis...
Unbias the news | 1000 lives, 0 names | The Border Graves Investigation
What happens to those who die in their attempts to reach the European Union? How are their lives marked, how can their families honor them? How do governments recognize their existence and their basic rights as human beings? Our cross-border te...
Official Launch and Press Conference - 12/12/2023
On behalf of all consortium partners, we are happy to share with you the official launch and press conference of, a ground-breaking media platform anchored in public values. Display will enable access to a vast array of content fr...
Metropolis - International students in The Netherlands
Report by Teus, Metropolis’ correspondent in the Netherlands, edit by Jet van Fessem It’s not easy for international students to find a room in the Netherlands. SORRY, DUTCH STUDENTS ONLY, it says on many ads for rooms on social media. And it’s...
Punching sideways: comedy vs. cancel culture
From #politicalcorrectness to #cancelculture staying #woke seems to be the comedian’s new worst nightmare. While humor acts as a response to the crumbling state of the world, how ‘PC’ can someone be when dealing with offensive jokes? Guests ...
The Schuman Files: Blaming Brussels for All of Europe's Woes?
#TheSchumanShow Can we really pin the problems of Europe on the EU? The Schuman Files: Blaming Brussels for All of Europe's Woes? Don't miss out on this satirical episode from The Schuman Show, and why you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. ...
Display Europe Consortium Partners
Display Europe is in the process of transforming into a cooperative, embracing a cooperative model recognized for its dedication to members and sustainable value creation within the platform. Unlike traditional venture capital-funded platforms, co...
Metropolis - Finding love in Serbia
“Report by Jelena Lukic Markovic, Metropolis' correspondent in Serbia, edit by Jet van Fessem Serbia’s countryside is dotted with sparsely populated villages. There are many villages where only some elderly live and single men. In Goracici, abo...
Not At All A thing Of The Past | Standard Time Talk Show
An outburst of syphilis is sweeping across Europe, and new HIV infections are also steadily rising. More than 1 million new STD infections are acquired every day worldwide. And yet, the public discourse seems to view sexually transmitted infection...
Display Europe promo video with subtitles
Good news! As the European Cultural Foundation, we are happy to announce the launch of Display Europe. This groundbreaking media platform offers a European perspective through original and federated content provided by independent media from acros...
Whom To Trust | Standard Time Talk Show
Do you believe everything you’re told on the internet? Or on TV? And if you don’t, as none of us should, how should we decide? Some people are afraid of migrants - others of losing their homes. Some people don’t believe covid exists - some religi...

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