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The future of food in Europe

Exploring the intricate web of Europe’s food landscape reveals a pressing question: How do we navigate the labyrinth of power dynamics within our food systems? In an era marked by the resounding echoes of farmers’ protests across the continent and policymakers’ preparations to scrutinise the very foundations of agriculture, it becomes evident that we stand at a critical juncture. In this edition of the Display Europe Newsletter, we turn our attention to the future of food in Europe.

At the heart of this discussion lies the European Union’s climate policies. The EU’s ambitious targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, transition towards renewable energy sources, and promote sustainable practices extend their reach into every sector, including agriculture. However, the implementation of these policies has not been without its challenges, particularly concerning the agricultural sector.

The Green TINA (There Is No Alternative) mantra echoes through the halls of policymakers and environmental activists alike, advocating for urgent action to mitigate the impacts of climate change. Yet, this urgency often collides with the realities faced by farmers and rural communities. The transition to sustainable agricultural practices requires significant investments, changes in farming techniques, and adaptation to new regulations. For many farmers, especially those in regions heavily reliant on traditional farming methods, this transition represents a daunting challenge.

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