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Lost in machine translation: Standard Time talk show S1E16
Are robots replacing us? For translators, this prospect is quite realistic. Though machine translation can be useful with simple and direct text, it still has a lot to catch up on to eliminate language barriers and understand subtle meanings. Let ...
Spain: can switching from planes to trains save the environment?
Although commercial aviation has historically been attributed to only 2% of the global climate bill, the European Commission recognized in 2021 that this contribution is three times higher: 5.9% of all carbon emissions are due to commercial air tr...
What do Europeans care: Standard Time talk show
Europeans are no monolith and neither are their interests. In an age of digital media expansion, can they be brought together through shared publishing? #news #media #publishing #elections #EU #EPelections #community #communitymedia #journalism ...
RESISTENCIA VECINAL frente al alquiler TURÍSTICO en BARCELONA: el caso de Casa Orsola [REPORTAJE]
🔗 Lee más aquí: Si hay una finca que simbolice la resistencia vecinal contra la especulación con la vivienda y la gentrificación, esta es la Casa Orsola, un edificio modernista en el barrio del Eixample cuya pr...
Booze is a symptom: Standard Time talk show S1E14
Europeans can’t seem to hold their drink, we have the most alcohol problems globally. Whether genetic, cultural, or psychological: how do we cope with alcohol dependency? If you like what you see, pls support us at #alco...
Un año de la LEY TRANS: "Hay mucho ESTIGMA, pero somos personas haciendo cosas normales" [REPORTAJE]
🔗 Lee más aquí: Se cumple el primer aniversario de la entrada en vigor de la norma que tensionó al Gobierno de coalición, abrió una brecha en el movimiento feminista y permitió a las personas trans ser reconoci...
What has the internet ever done for us? Standard Time talk show S1E12
At a time when online publishing was deeply contested, a group of people came together and took a leap of faith. Following a series of conferences, the #Eurozine network was established in 1998. Today, with over 100 partner journals across #Europe...
"I have a lot of questions for the sea" : Border Graves Investigation
Desbele Asfaha, 24, asks the sea what happened to his older brothers Teklit and Tumzgi, who set off on a ship that sank off Lampedusa on October 3, 2013. On the tenth anniversary of their disappearance, he returns to Lampedusa to place flowers ...
Why Are Women Not Allowed to Age | Standard Time Talk Show
This Black Friday, instead of anti-aging gadgets and risky cosmetic procedures, Eurozine offers an intervention into the aging conversation - and why women just can’t seem to be allowed to enjoy it. This is the inaugural episode of our new talk sh...
The Schuman Files: Blaming Brussels for All of Europe's Woes?
#TheSchumanShow Can we really pin the problems of Europe on the EU? The Schuman Files: Blaming Brussels for All of Europe's Woes? Don't miss out on this satirical episode from The Schuman Show, and why you shouldn’t be so quick to judge. ...
Financing journalism: Standard Time talk show S1E9
Why we need to pay for content now, even though it’s more available than ever before? It almost seems like we are re-learning the well-rehearsed old practice of the 20th century. Before the major boom of the internet, people used to pay for th...
"Go in this place, you will find your cousin": Border Graves Investigation
Payman Sediqi prays at the grave of his cousin, Sehid Semiullah Feridullaha Arat. Sehid drowned in the Sava River between Bosnia and Croatia after Croatian officers shot at and punctured his boat. Locating his cousin first in a Christian cemete...
Metropolis - Spain dealing with drought
Report by Stef and Camilo, Metropolis correspondents in Spain, edit by Jet van Fessem Andalusia, in the south of Spain, is one of the warmest areas of Europe. Last summer there was a big drought. Temperatures rose above 46 degrees Celsius and t...
Can we decommercialize housing?
European cities are a hotbed of real estate speculation and affordable housing is growing out of reach. Millennials and younger will not only not own homes, but are losing their grip on renting. Guests: Elke Rauth is the editor of the urbanis...
Unbias the news | 1000 lives, 0 names | The Border Graves Investigation
What happens to those who die in their attempts to reach the European Union? How are their lives marked, how can their families honor them? How do governments recognize their existence and their basic rights as human beings? Our cross-border te...

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