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We try to be as open as possible. The copyleft movement has proven that copyrights can be also framed well for a prospering collaborating culture and sharing economy.


Open Content

We let others re-use our content. The originals created for Display Europe are even licensed more permissive under Creative Commons . If you re-use our content, you need to add well visible: CC-by DisplayEurope


Open Source

Our tech stack is completely built on open source frameworks and tools such as Kubernetes, Minio, Matomo, WordPress, PeerTube, Mastodon, Keycloak and many more.

The software we are developing is published under the open source licenses GPLv3 or AGPLv3. Our code repositories can be found at


Open Standards

We use ActivityPub as the de-facto standard for interactive media and deployed it for WordPress syndication, PeerTube federation and Mastodon distributed social media. From content partners, who are not able to federate with ActivityPub yet, we subscribe their RSS feeds.


Open AI

When making use of Artificial Intelligence tools, we will always prefer open sourced models. 


Open Governance

Display Europe is owned by a non-profit cooperative. Not only content partners, but even our  users can become members and thus participate in decision making processes. 

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