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Our vision

The architects of Display believe in a European media, grounded in public values and inclusivity. They contribute to a shared European media, because forces that disregard borders shape Europeans’ lives. They build a space, independent from governments as well as commercial influences, where Europeans – regardless of their background – can connect, share ideas, debate opinions, and find reliable information to hold the powerful to account.


Free and Trustworthy

Display Europe aims to provide citizens across the continent with trustworthy information and perspectives often overlooked by mainstream and national media. By focusing on translation, syndication, and originally created content, Display Europe seeks to offer a comprehensive view of Europe, from Cape Roca to the Ural watershed. Original content will include monthly regional and thematic press reviews, and multimedia cross-border projects on topics of European relevance and a weekly European talk show. It will serve as a paywall free, central portal for curated content, searchable and translatable into 15 European languages.


Participate and Share

Committed to active public involvement, the platform will encourage European citizens to shape the media and its values actively. Features like the Article Club will connect readers with journalists, fostering a community mind-set in media production. Additionally, a dynamic user-generated content model will encourage users to share their unique European perspectives, supported by social media outreach and partnerships with aligned champions and organisations.

Safe and Ethical

As a federated network of existing platforms, Display Europe uses open-source software and open protocols based on privacy-friendly processes. The platform is built on a sovereign, self-governed, open-source digital infrastructure, ensuring independence from Big Tech social media and streaming platforms. Unlike other platforms out there, Display’s content recommendation algorithms guide users onto a mixed and balanced content journey. Display only collects personal data when given the green light, and users can opt out of data collection entirely.

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