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As a part of the Display Europe project, two Grant Calls – Display Europe Grant Call and Display Europe micro-grant Call, in coordination from European Cultural Foundation (one of the Display Europe consortium partners) invited the members of the media community to apply proposals that, if selected, would become original content created for, and available, at the platform. This sovereign, open-source digital platform promotes democracy, empowering citizens with authentic portrayals of Europe’s multifaceted realities. Cross-border collaboration, dedication towards journalistic excellence, and interesting approach to pan-European topics, were among the criteria for the awarded applications, evaluated by an independent jury.

As Display represents independent media who give voice and face to discriminated and oppressed minorities who stand up for fundamental rights and civil liberties, a  selection of seven initiatives to shape the future of Europe’s media narrative have been put forward by the Display Europe Grant Call. As such, these projects, hailing from Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Portugal, and France, were chosen for their unwavering dedication to reshaping the European story.

The selected proposals are:

Sphera Network for Display (Italy)

"European Youth and the Climate Emergency" is a captivating video series, available in seven EU languages, delving into Europe's climate crisis and highlighting the resilience and determination of young Europeans.

City Rights Radio (Netherlands)

This podcast, crafted by undocumented citizens in Amsterdam, amplifies the voices of the marginalised, emphasising lived experiences, policy analyses, and community alliances.

Migration in Real Life (Slovenia)

"Migration IRL" challenges prevailing migrant narratives by exploring real-life stories, showcasing the vibrant contributions of migrants in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Poland, and their representation and inclusion in society.

The non-voter time bomb (Portugal)

Investigating the rise of non-voters, this initiative humanises statistics, delving into personal stories and societal factors to understand civic disengagement and its implications for democracy.

Transgender People in Prison (France)

This podcast series sheds light on the challenges faced by transgender individuals in European prisons, advocating for visibility, inclusivity, and human rights.

Inclusive Ondes (France)

Through podcasts and videos in the Basque language, "Inclusive Ondes" bridges cultural gaps by discussing issues around local migratory waves across the historic Bidasoa River in addition to global migration contexts, featuring institutional leaders, citizen networks, and immigrants.

‘Making It’ in Western Europe: Experiences of Young Eastern-European Women (France)

This initiative showcases the challenges and experiences of young Eastern-European women in Western Europe, fostering understanding and empathy while bridging cultural divides.

In its aim to revolutionise the media landscape by providing Europeans with diverse, reliable information outside mainstream narratives, Display Europe is also publishing, in November, the Display Europe micro-grant Call that invites small media organisations and journalists interested in cross-border collaboration. More about the Call here (TBC). 

If you have any questions about the application process or any other inquiries, please contact

Dedication towards journalistic excellence, and interesting approach to pan-European topics, were among the criteria for the awarded applications, evaluated by an independent jury.

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